Brent Crane

Brent Crane

American freelance journalist

One of those reporter guys.

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The Girl from Aleppo

Two years ago, when Nujeen Mustafa was sixteen, she left everything she had ever known to travel overland to Europe. Mustafa was one of nearly five million externally displaced refugees fleeing indiscriminate bombardment and humanitarian catastrophe in Syria’s civil war. Unlike most of them, though, she is unable to walk. Mustafa was born with cerebral palsy.

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Breaking The Family Curse

Born with a rare and fatal prion disease that also took her father, Amanda Baxley Kalinsky is determined to fight back against Gerstmann-Straussler-Scheinker disease.

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The Music Healer

Giovanna Imbesi, a charismatic California-transplant, was living the dream. After years of climbing the shaky ladder of the West Coast music industry, she was finally finding regular work as a composer and touring concert pianist.

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Fighting Cancer Among The Q’eqchi’

After years spent fighting for the rights of native Guatemalans, Liza Grandia is applying an anthropologist's skillset to her own cancer.