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How a K-Pop Star Became a Barbecue Sensation

Jiyeon Lee produced four number-one albums in the 1980s, but she gave up the limelight to focus on cooking. Now, she and her husband fuse Korean cuisine and Texas-style barbecue to droves of fans.

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How One Chef Brought Gourmet Cooking to Small-Town Appalachia

Nate Allen, head chef and owner of Knife & Fork, a big-league restaurant in small-town Appalachia, sees poetry in biscuits: When hand-made, each one is as unique as a snowflake. It is his grandmother's philosophy and it centers him.

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This Former Gang-Banger Is Banging Out Delicious Cubans in ...

Six years ago, Ry Mam boarded an international flight from LAX with three other Cambodians and two US marshals. “If any of you try to run, we’ll shoot you,” one of the marshals told the Cambodians. Mam thought that was strange—they were on an airplane and, anyway, he could have run a long time ago.

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A Tech Company Hopes These Edible Drones Will Help End World Hunger

Salami is, according to British drone manufacturers Windhorse Aerospace, "physically strong with good tensile strength and flexibility," which makes it a good option for landing gear.

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My Visit to 'The World's Greatest Chinese Restaurant' | MUNCHIES

My journey began with a layover of seven hours and 55 minutes in Kuala Lumpur. As the plane emptied out at the airport gate, I found myself with hunger pangs and plenty of time to kill. I thought, Why not check out Restoran Sek Yuen? A blog called Foodiehub recently had the gall to deem it the world’s greatest Chinese restaurant. Was such a place even possible? Sek Yuen was only a few miles away. It seemed like a worthwhile investigation.

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It’s All About the Tuna at this Fish Market in the Maldives

The fish market in Male, the uber-congested capital city of the Maldives, is full of limbless cold-blooded vertebrates: groupers, sea bass, red snappers, dolphin fish, barracuda. But at the end of the day, it’s all about the tuna.

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Bangkok's Rollerblade Restaurant Was a Wheel of Misfortune | MUNCHIES

“My tongue has a bone in it,” remarked Caitie, chewing suspiciously on what some unfortunate duck had once used to taste. “I think I prefer the texture of the jellyfish,” said her older brother Liam. I sorted with my chopsticks through the plated pile of shiny meat in search of those translucent, salty strips. Finding one, I dipped a jelly in chili sauce and plucked it into my mouth. I agreed with Liam. The jellyfish beat the tongue by a long shot.

This Malaysian City Is the Food Cart Mecca You've Never Heard Of ...

This Malaysian City Is the Food Cart Mecca You've N...

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I Ate Dinner at Cambodia's Infamous Snake House | MUNCHIES

I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t excited to eat at the Snake House. How could you not want to experience dinner among potentially life-threatening reptiles? And in tropical Cambodia to boot? It sounded like Rainforest Cafe but with live, dangerous wildlife instead of animatronic apes.

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Portland's Biggest Whiskey Bar Wants You to Play With Your Food

Not every whiskey bar requires a ladder to access most of the bottles. At the Multnomah Whiskey Library in Portland, however, they need three.

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This Portland Restaurant Wants to Remake Iraq's Image | MUNCHIES

This Portland Restaurant Wants to Remake Iraq's Ima...

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This Ex-Vegetarian is Teaching Portland How to Cut Up Cows

It is impossible to eat meat without killing something. The taking of life is a necessary part of consuming animals yet, with so many 21st-century carnivores completely removed from the act of slaughter, that fact is often forgotten. Camas Davis of the Portland Meat Collective is making it her mission to change this.

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How Portland's Thai Food Queen Turned a Cart From Craigslist Into an Empire

Portland’s Nong Poonsukwattana found her first food cart in 2009 off an anonymous Craigslist ad. She had to drive way out into the Oregon boonies to make the purchase, and when she got there, the seller made her bid for it against another interested buyer (Nong won out, but ended up paying $400 more than the asking price). After she transported the rickety wooden cart back to Portland, she discovered that the inside was filled with moldy kettle corn.

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This San Francisco Peanut Milk Might Actually Save the World

It may seem silly to name a small digestif after such a lofty aspiration as a world without war, but pastry chef Nicole Krasinski’s World Peace Peanut Muscovado Milk might be worthy of the title. After tasting it myself, I’m sure I’d drop anything—a gun, a grenade, a bitter prejudice—to try it again.

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San Francisco is an Urban Winemaking Heaven

Urban winemaking is just what it sounds like: making wine in a city instead of a country vineyard. Yet for some reason, the idea that wine can be made in the same space as an office building confounds people. But around the country, urban wineries are on the up.