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Brent Crane

American freelance journalist

One of those reporter guys.

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Eight of Our Favorite Writers on Why They Run | Outside Online

Running is not writing, but writing is, in a metaphorical way, running. Both depend on distance: miles, pages. Putting feet to pavement or pen to page can both be slogs. It’s no surprise, then, that for several of our favorite authors, running is an essential part of the writing life.

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Travelers, Ditch the Kindle | Outside

One of the great benefits of extended travel is the time it affords for reading. People talk about beach reads, but for me it’s bus reads, bench reads, train reads, “Sorry sir your room will be ready in two hours" reads. Robert Louis Stevenson wrote that “The great affair is to move.” I would add, “...and stop for a good read now and then.”

The road was made for the word.

Start a cricket farm in your closet hoppin pasta fe article

The Future Belongs to Land Crab

A widely available, dirt-cheap, eco-friendly superfood that has more protein density per bite than beef and is chock-full of vitamins and minerals? Look no farther than the crickets in your backyard....