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The Singular Experience of Drinking Beer in a North Korean Restaurant in Cambodia - Roads & Kingdoms

At the Pyongyang Cold Noodle Restaurant in Phnom Penh, one of a dozen plus eateries around the world owned by the North Korean regime, beer flows as freely as the blessed waters of the Kuryong Falls. An experience there is a grand show and, like any fiction, it is enhanced by alcohol, which is brought to you by spotless women in puffy joseon-ot dresses.

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A Modern-Day Pirate Tells His Worst Story - Roads & Kingdoms

The humanitarian mercenary, who I recently met for beers off Khao San Road in Bangkok, goes by “Doc” in the Middle East and, here in southeast Asia, “Fox.”

I showed up twenty minutes early to our rendezvous at the Rainbow Hostel. He was already there, eating naan, when I arrived. Fox chose the place, a cramped spot “run by an Indian Sikh, a friend of ours,” he had said over email.

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Secret Beer on a Muslim Beach - Roads & Kingdoms

Nobody told me that the beaches in Batu Ferringhi would be too hot for leisure in April. The heat in Malaysia is punishing, and when I got there I found that on a clear day the beaches were deserted except for a sweaty construction crew hammering together a new dock.

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A Breakfaster First and a Traveler Second

The roti man was both an abuser and a creator. In his ancient storefront, he pulverized the dough, stretched the dough, pulled the dough, and, finally, when it was stretched thin and face-sized, he let it brown and crisp on his griddle.

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Wonton Soup for the Soul

The way you say Boston Tea Party in Chinese translates to Boston Dump Tea Time. As I sat down to a breakfast of wonton soup, I remembered that I had learned this the evening before during a boisterous dinner. My mind was still watery from a night of drinking and memories were coming back in drops.

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The Uncertainty of Breakfast in China - Roads & Kingdoms

The Uncertainty of Breakfast in China - Roads & Kin...

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Burmese Independence Buns - Roads & Kingdoms

Burmese Independence Buns - Roads & Kingdoms

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The Day Imam Tahir Died

A prominent cleric in Western China is stabbed to death after morning prayers, but his city does not mourn him....