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Twenty years later tokyo subway gas attacks 330 body image 1427756318 article

Twenty Years Later, the Tokyo Subway Gas Attacks Still Scar Japan

On March 20, 1995, during the morning rush hour, five men dropped 11 bags of sarin on five subway trains in Tokyo. They punctured the plastic bags with the sharpened ends of umbrellas and exited the cars as the deadly liquid leaked onto the floor and evaporated into the air of the crowded trains. In the end, 13 people were killed and 6,300 more were injured, many of them left blind or paralyzed. Japan was flung into crisis mode.

Indonesian lawmakers want to test the virginity of schoolgirls body image 1423787275 article

Indonesia's War on Women

E. Java lawmakers aim to forbid graduation for non-...

Drinking tea made of poop with the chinese villagers who swear by it 038 body image 1417614136 article

Drinking Poop Tea with the Chinese Villagers Who Swear by It ...

Drinking Poop Tea with the Chinese Villagers Who Sw...

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How Do People on the Streets of Beijing Feel About China's New ...

How Do People on the Streets of Beijing Feel About ...

Robdobi noisey selfiestick vice 970x435 article

Should Venues Ban the Selfie Stick? | NOISEY

UK venues have already started banning The Stick. Should the US do the same?...

State sponsored prostitution for soldiers was once routine on the island of kinmen 1413235905651 crop social article

State-Sponsored Prostitution for Soldiers Was Once Routine on the Island of Kinmen | VICE | United States

During the Cold War, the heavily fortified Taiwanese island of Kinmen was so dense with soldiers that the state opened brothels for military personnel. The last of them stayed open until 1990....


How to Make Palm Wine

Step one: climb a palm tree (while sober.)...